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The Motivation

March 5, 2011 1 comment

“If i had a good idea i would be a millionaire”.
I have chosen to start this article with that statement because almost everyone can relate to it.
who doesn’t want to make money… and who doesn’t want a good idea. I will address the issue from a programmers point of view because i am one and i believe that the same principle applies to all elements of life and work.
Today every programmer has a few ideas running around his head, some of them are small and easy to make (lets say if you give them a few hours a day you can make something nice in about a month) but are not worth big money, and some are complex ideas and concepts, that require a massive amount of resources, but can really be something that can make you thous millions that you so desire.
But why aren’t you doing anything?. Is it because when you say “If i had a good idea i would be a millionaire” what you actually want to say is “If i had a good idea i would be a millionaire but i don’t have any good ideas” or “If i had a good idea i would be a millionaire but i don’t have time to invest in it”.
Well if you ask me theres no excuse to not doing anything.
As a programmer you have the ability to do almost anything with a computer, being a programmer gives you the ability to start doing something with little to no effort.
When I think about it, the world has 2 kinds of people, those that DO and those that DON’T (DO).
the “DOers” don’t try to find a solution that would magically make them rich, or would give them the idea that they so want to find. Categorically all the wealthiest people in the world are actually “DOers” (and if they inherited it then they’r father was a “DOer”), they worked hard for what they have, not by sitting in the office and letting the world turn waiting and wishing that the BIG MONEY would magically fall in they’r lap.
Instead when they came home from work they started working. small or big it doesn’t matter. find something that you think can be of use to someone, and DO IT!. Do you have a good idea for some Iphone application?, its so easy not to do anything about it, the excuses will never end, here is just some that hear all the time about making iphone applications (From people that have good ideas): “i don’t have mac”, “i don’t know objective c” , “it wont make money” and the one that i really love is “its already been done”… this one is the kicker, if its been done and people are using it it means that there is a market for it.
So… who would you be?.
Would you sit on your chair and think about how you could have done many things, or would you actually do them. I know what i am doing!.
Cya a the finish line.

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